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ordinary carrying-out bag

Let's prepare the extraordinary carrying-out bag.

Maximum of supply

Checkpoint of extraordinary carrying-out bag

  • Prepare the extraordinary carrying-out bag of a size and weight suitable for your physical strength.
  • Put any stuff into the back like a rucksack who can carry on the back so that both hands can be used.
  • Set at the place which can be carried out immediately
  • Periodically check the expiration date of food and the residual quantity of a battery.

What put into an extraordinary carrying-out bag first.
Extraordinary food Extraordinary food

drinkable water:3L.per one day for person is a standard.
Emergency provisions:What is eaten without preservability's parboiling highly. (A cracker, a cracker, canned food, a pouch-packed food, instant food, etc.)

Medical supplies Medicine cabinet

the direction with a household medicine, a triangular bandage, a bandage, gauze, absorbent cotton, plaster, scissors, tweezers, an antiseptic, a medicine for intestinal disorders, The direction with a chronic disease is the medicine for your illness.(memorandum of a medicine name etc.)

Clothes etc. Clothing

Clothing, protections against the cold, a blanket, underwear, socks, working gloves, rain gear, and Cairo

Flashlight etc. light The battery, candle, and match of a flashlight and a reserve
Portable radio radio The portable radio which can hear AM/FM,spare battery
other daily necessaries Towel, Tissue, Wet tissue, A plastic bag and cloth, Sanitary items, Pens and pencils (oily Penn), Food utensils, Spoon etc. The reserve battery for cellular phones, A family's photograph
Survival item survival item whistle,compass,knife,rope,writer
valuables valuables cash (also 10 yen coin for public telephones) An identification card, a deposits-and-savings passbook, a seal, a title deed, various cards, insurance certificate, etc

  • I think that there are various convenient things if it is in others in case of an earthquake disaster. Probably, in addition to the above, a disposable diaper, powdered milk, a baby food, and a toy are also needed at the home in which a small child is present. Please make the extraordinary carrying-out bag which considered family structure etc. and suited itself, taking care about size weight.
  • Even if it prepares with much trouble, when an earthquake occurs, you may forget to frighten mind to death and to carry out. It is important that you are also conscious of whether it is in daily.
  • A large number the sneak-thieving damage which aimed at the house carried out after blame in case of earthquake disasters, such as the big Earthquake in Hanshin.
    Let's try to be also able to carry out valuables immediately in case of urgent!

A thing required for a life

A stockpile article to prepare

What it has for self-support
food,drinkable water 3 days are used as a target for food and drinkable water
fuel desk stove,cooking gas canister(prepare more spare gas canister),briquette fuel and so on
other article for daily use cooker,bed roll,toilet articles,toilet paper,waste newsprint,buckt,plastic wrap,plastic sheets

cloth adhesive tape be able to use for clearing up flying debris
tool shovell,crowbar,pinch bar,saw,hammer and so on
portable toilet, thunderbox portable toilet, thunderbox for water outage
paper bag It's helpful to prepare paper bag for flying debris and clearing up disorderly room.

Although it is necessary to equip everything but an extraordinary carrying-out bag with various things for the life after an earthquake, probably, it is also good in putting in and preparing assumption to tidy up rooms, such as glass scattered about after the earthquake.

check sheet for prepare

Let's prepare the extraordinary carrying-out bag with check sheet.

things for the extraordinary carrying-out bag
drinkable water   survival food   medicine  
tableware set   clothes(also anorak)   flashlighht,torch  
portable radio   battey,cell   chash  
valuables   candle   match or lighter  
rope   plastic sheets   rain gear  
knife   towel   toiletries  
pocket warmer   pre-moistened wipe,towelette   plastic bag  
battery of mobile phone   compass   stationery  
sewing set   lamp or lantern   head lamp  
lightstick   survival sheet   collapsible polyethylene tank  
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